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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 17, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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5:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. this morning a silicon valley shake-up. marissa mayer, google's first female engineer leading the effort to back into yahoo!'s business plan. this time as ceo. we have team coverage on the beat on yahoo!'s fifth ceo to be hired in the past five years. bob redell is live at google headquarters with a look at mayor's impact on the google products you use. we'll start off with business and tech reporter scott mcgrew at yahoo! headquarters. what do we know about mayer that leads one to believe she can be a success? >> reporter: well jon, that's an interesting question because it really depends on what you mean by success. keep in mind yahoo! is not a failed company, it's just not a very interesting company compared to, say, google or apple or facebook or even yahoo! of ten years ago. in that sort of rule she's
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already become a success because she's generated so much excitement. she has already done that, she hasn't even shown up on first avenue in sunnyvale yet but she will later today. do keep in mind marissa mayer has never run an entire company but did help make google what it is today and brings credibility to a company that needs to attract first rate employees. remember, when it comes to silicon valley a company needs to do two things. it needs to make a product or a service that people are interested in. but it also has to attract first rate employees, and i would wager this morning there are people at facebook and at apple and yes, google, who are saying you know what, yahoo! may be something that i would like to be part of and marissa mayer has a lot to do with that. >> scott, you say she has another advantage, a different board. >> reporter: she has a very different board.
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the board at yahoo! has been historically very difficult to work with. only hewlett-packard's is weirder. in the last couple of months the board has changed here, and i think that, along with her talent will give her a leg up over the what you mentioned, five other ceos that came before her. the others were dealing with a very peculiar board. she has a much more reasonable one and i think is going to have an easier time. >> no kidding. everybody will be watching. pressure there as well. thank you, scott. mayer is now the fifth permanent ceo that yahoo! named in the past five years. here are names you may recall. scott thompson, held the job from january to may of this year. carol bartz was fired in 2011 after two years on the job. the co-founder jerry yang resigned in november of 2008. and terry semle stepped down under shareholder pressure in 2007. >> yahoo!'s gain with mayer
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moving is google's loss. the largest search engine looking to replace one of its most experienced leaders. bob is live in mountain view with how all of this could impact that tech giant. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. one could make the argument that google is such a large company that someone, even like marissa mayer leaving isn't going to have a huge impact. that of course is to be seen. she certainly did make her mark here as google's 20th employee, first female engineer, she is and has been charismatic, considered one of the few public faces of this tech giant. any one who has used google on line which is pretty much the universe, will recognize some of her trademarks, mayers, the one who helped design the white google home page, she did g-mail, google news, and google images. those are her babies as well. mayer resigned her post by phone
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yesterday afternoon, some people might have sensed that this was coming because last year google reorganized her unit, promoting another employee over her, "the new york times" suggesting that might have been enough for her to consider a move. in an e-mail to bloomberg, her former boss, google executive chairman eric schmidt wrote, quote, yahoo! made a good choice and i'm personally very excited to see another woman become ceo of a technology company. un." yesterday mayer surprised people with a second announcement, she tweeted in the afternoon that she and her husband are expecting a baby boy in october. reporting live outside google headquarters, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> congratulations all around for marissa mayer. we have a lot more about yahoo!'s new ceo and what a departure for google means. check out our website search marissa mayer. >> the csu board of trustees will debate the future of the
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entire education system. much of the outlook weighs heavily on the voters. marla tellez is here to explain. >> it's the tax hike proposal in november, 2$250 million at the end of this year so the board has a big meeting in long beach to plan for the proverbial rainy day. it's debating two options, the first is raise tuition by about 5% or $150 per semester. non-resident tuition would go up by 9%. also under this plan employee pay and benefits would be cut by 2.5%. the second option is to cut enrollment by some 6,000 students. fewer students means fewer faculty and staff so about 750 employees would be let go.
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pay and benefits in this scenario would drop about 5%. ultimately the board has decided between the lesser of two evils, 400,000 students and faculty and staff. jon, the meeting gets under way at 9:00 this morning but according to the agenda they aren't going to take this up until 1:15 this afternoon. >> thank you very much. a possible pg&e cover-up is uncovered two years before the san bruno pipe line explosion, the chronicle reporting that pg&e issued a memo suggesting managers consider downgrading certain leaks instead of fixing them. the 2008 memo reportedly details how the company could save $5 million by downgrading the leaks to where they only had to be monitored. at the time they had a bonus system in place that rewarded supervisors who crews found fewer leaks and lowered repair costs. that program was later
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suspended. >> right now several east bay families waiting to see if they can get back in their apartments this morning. 20 people were displaced after a two-alarm fire destroyed one unit and damaged another ot a complex on cherry street. it happened last night. no one was hurt. the red cross jumped in to assist. >> 5:08 on a tuesday morning. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to check out what's happening today and the week ahead. >> good morning to you. we've got a great looking day shaping up. for outdoor activities, for anything that you want to do, without overheating because temperatures are going to climb. we're going to get a good looking forecast as we head throughout the next couple days, then the heat is on. let's get to it. no fog on the golden gate bridge but fog to show you on the san francisco camera. i want to point out visibility looking good across the board for now. that will change as we head throughout the next couple hours, that fog will start to settle in especially on the peninsula and up in marin
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county. i think even napa valley will be socked in. but the fog will not hang out all day and the temperatures climb from the 50s right now into the 70s in the warmer cities by noon rounding out the day. 77 degrees inland at 4:00, 64 degrees at the coast. here's mike and your drive. >> we'll take you to 580 again where we saw early slowing into livermore out of the altamont pass. this may become compounded by the fact there is a crate now reported in lanes, the middle lane. that's not enough to kick off all of the slowing so likely more cars hitting earlier and that crate in the lane. we'll watch for the traffic break. chp is still getting on the scene. on the left 680 construction between bollinger canyon and el costa. down to one lane in the southbound direction. sunol, an easy drive through 880 and milpitas as well. the southbound side has the off
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ramp being worked on. that's the reason for the closure of that off ramp. should be opened by 5:00. construction for 85 on the left side of the screen, southbound side between 237 and 101, we have construction blocking two lanes, more construction fremont and moffitt boulevard. the bay bridge, look at this, easy drive. clear view now of the east shore freeway but the clouds are hovering around. fog could be a factor later on. >> 5:10. coming up, from the gridiron to iron bars, how a bay area football star wound up in cuffs. >> we take a live look outside, that is over san francisco. you can see the transamerica building to the left and some of the clouds mike mentioned. >> check us out on facebook.
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>> welcome back everybody. how are you feeling on a tuesday morning? a live look outside. a picturesque shot of the embarcadero, one of the ships out there, the lights glistening. don't see a lot of fog yet but the low clouds are hanging around so be prepared as you go out the door. 5:13. >> jon, first jason kidd, now another bay area sports star is in trouble with the law. talking about running back marshawn lynch. he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving saturday night during a traffic stop on interstate 880. we have video from an event the
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oakland native and seattle seahawks attended the night he was arrested. lynch was taken to jail where he was cited and released. his driver's license was revoked back in 2008 after he was involved in a hit and run. he was also suspend forward three games in 2009 after pleading guilty a misdemeanor weapons charge. >> a state investigation continues over misused funds in the parks and recreation department. internal audit revealing more than $271,000 spent on a secret buy-out program. 56 employees from the department's headquarters allegedly sold unused vacation time back to the state. the program was never authorized by sacramento. so far no charges have been filed. some staffers may be disciplined. >> mark zuckerberg, a member of the so called 1%, he refinanced his home. get this, at 1%.
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what a deal. not bad if you've got the money. i thought we were going to see his house. he refinanced his $6 million mortgage with a 30-year adjustable rate starting at 1%. rock bottom rate available to high earners. ultra high. >> the banks do these low rates because there is almost low risk. the people they provide the loans to have the ability to pay all cash. the client's happy because it frees up the equity for more effective, more lucrative investments. >> zuckerberg won't have to worry about higher rates soon. the fed is expected to keep rates low until at least 2014. >> that's good when you're a billionaire. facebook not the favorite. google plus climbing to the top with customer satisfaction. facebook is the most popular with hundreds of millions of
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users, some people don't like it. facebook, complaints include too many ads, privacy concerns and unexpected changes. google plus does not use traditional advertising. other sites such as linked in and twitter weren't high on the scale as google or google plus. but more likes than facebook. >> i have a google plus account. >> she's good at this so keep an eye on her. >> you're about to get more than a daily deal on living social. >> that's right. get ready. for that and the rest of the news before the bell let's turn it over to bertha coombs. always good to see you, bertha. >> good to see you, jon and laura. we're glad to see the futures turning a bit higher. it has been seven mondays in a row, i don't know what it is but every monday the dow ends in the red. markets dropped yesterday on
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disappointing retail sales data, the international monetary fund cutting its global growth. this morning asia and europe are higher and we're higher ahead of data we expect on consumer prices, industrial production and housing. we've gotten some pretty good earnings reports so far from coca-cola and goldman sachs, both of them beat johnson and johnson not quite as robust as some looking for, also waiting mattel. ben bernanke will be testifying on the economy before a senate panel tomorrow he goes before the house, that's going to set the tone. see if he says more about more stimulative quantitative easing the dow ended 12729, the nasdaq down 11 points to 2896. and living social is starting to sell merchandise. able to buy a small range of discounted items between $40 and $50. the first relates to a trip to
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the beach. the second theme relates to the backyard, items that change weekly, rival has been selling since last fall. i know you're doing a lot on marissa mayer. an amazing story. rebirth to yahoo! as she is getting ready to give birth to her first child. with her now the chief ceo that makes 20 women chief executives in the fortune 500. they never had that many. it's not huge but now 4% of the fortune 500 are women ceos. back to you. >> great to hear. >> step in the right direction. very successful ladies making that blaze on the trail. >> taking over the world. >> i'm surrounded by two talented ladies right now. you two do your thing. >> thank you, jon. thank you for that motivation and the ladies at home let that
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be your motivation this morning as well. the weather's going to be nice. you don't have to worry about any fog on the highway except for right at the coast at this point. we're expecting 280, even 87, 85, some of the south bay highways to get soft as we head through the next hour there is will abfull deck of clouds as you make your way out. the clouds are going to keep us mild this afternoon. this is san jose. the the sun is starting to come out but it's very dark here indicative of the cloud cover situated above. right to the numbers this morning. we're watching wind speeds n. is why i'm watching for the fog to develop. san francisco, you had a pretty good breeze at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the fog will be able to settle to the surface so we don't have flight delays, christie smith is live at sfo. we're looking pretty good. all major carriers reporting flights on time. if you are headed to the east coast, grab your cool weather
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clothes. 57 degrees in san francisco. they cook on the east coast. they're getting that ridge of high pressure that normally warms us up but for us, instead we're getting an area of low pressure. very strong front here has come through the bay area. that kicked up all of the winds. potent piece of energy. temperatures are going to stay cool. a weak trough that came through. foggy breeze for today. then finally as you head through wednesday and the remainder of the week we'll see high pressure build back in. as it does so it's going to warm us up quickly. we'll get one more day, today and tomorrow, before that nice air mixes out. 83 by thursday, then the 90s return friday into monday. it's going to be shot this weekend. that's good news if you've been meaning to hit the beach. warm weather saturday into sunday. 5:20. wherever you're headed mike knows what you expect. >> we expect these crews to
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clear. southbound 85, that crew has cleared but we have fremont and moffitt. crews continuing through into sunnyvale. top of the screen we have construction southbound 880 toward the great mall parkway off ramp. the ramp is closed but no major slowing past the scene. we have new issue, might have slowing for 880 at 87, reports of a couple of boxes in lanes on the southbound side. your second lane. expect a traffic break. be warned through san jose. 87 at 880. showing also for 580, a crate there also. that's the theme, i guess. at north twin. you see the slowing approaching the scene. west of greenville you're okay. a live look outside. the san mateo bridge, you can see the high rise but there's the haze, the low clouds
5:21 am
hovering around t fog's not playing a factor either direction. westbound to the peninsula you're moving toward 101 and heading up into san francisco. 101 or 280. 101 in the north bay, an easy drive south with the taillights. down to lincoln avenue. each direction is looking at the speed limit. that's good news up into highway 37. >> thanks, mike. 5:22. coming up, are more tourists carrying a torch for lady liberty or the golden gate. >> i think lady liberty was prom and homecoming queen. this is san francisco's other bridge, the bay bridge. gorgeous shot with the lights sparkling as the sky starts to illuminate. dad look, you can get eggs,
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>> welcome back everybody. 5:24. attention all of you seafood lovers. here's something to celebrate. the price of king salmon has fallen nearly 30% over the past week. all of the good weather and the catch by fishermen some of the reasons for the lower prices. enjoy. not everybody is happy about this. a lot of fishermen say they are staying in port to protest the drop in payments by processing plants. >> hey, time to check the forecast again with meteorologist christina loren. how are we looking? >> we're not going to get paid in sunshine but we're going to get spoiled with the best weather across the entire country. even southern. they're getting pretty nice weather but here, 77 degrees at 4:00 p.m. inland is perfection. 69 bayside and 64 at the coast. though it will be cooler than average later on this afternoon it feels great.
5:25 am
crisp 50s. here's mike and your drive. >> traffic, we have that too. we're looking at 580, the good news is that crate has been removed from the roadway over at north flynn. we see more slowing out of the altamont pass so some build for the livermore drive. 14 or 15 minutes. highway 4 look for the slowdown. the 50s through antioch. >> you got back from vacation in tahoe. looking refreshed. if p you are trying to figure out what to do for a summer vacation a list reveals some of the best. >> what do you think of topping the chart, the statue of liberty. the family, check out the harbor cruise near liberty island and provide plenty of photo opps. the washington monument and the gateway arch in st. louis, missouri. golden gate bridge, we love it as well as seattle's space
5:26 am
needle. the hollywood sign and mt. rushmore other u.s. land marks on the list so check them off. >> the pins on your map. >> been there, done that. >> 5:26. still ahead, she is smart, ambitious and has a baby on the way. sorry. personal and professional -- you trying to tell us something. yahoo!'s new ceo. >> budget battle, tough choice for the college system. >> we'll give you a live look, that is san jose. another nice shot in the morning mist. we'll let you know about fog that might be rolling in or out and some cool temperatures ahead. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one.
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. >> the trial has gone cold but hope is alive. how you can help find a missing
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south bay girl who vanished four months ago. >> and raise tuition or cut enrollment. that's facing the csu board. that story coming up. >> fall-like weather continues in mid july. that means today highs only in the 70s inland, the 60s bayside and upper 50s at the coast. but there is hotter weather on the way. i'll tell you when coming up. >> as your commute kicks in, i'm watching the south bay because we have boxes in the road. we'll show you which highways are affected. >> a live look outside, san francisco, look at that sky. isn't it glorious, the bright blue out there. nice way to start your tuesday morning, july 17th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 5:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. higher tuition or higher taxes? that is the question. of course the two issues
5:30 am
intertwined as the csu board of trustees meet to try to make difficult decisions. marla tellez joins us with that entire story. good morning. >> good morning. the california state university's 23 campuses, they could lose a collective $250 million soon. this is if voters reject the governor's plan to increase both income and sales taxes, the system must decide whether to raise tuition or cut enrollment. the board will debate the two. here's what the first look like. tuition would increase 5% for in state students, nonresidents 9%. and employees, they would feel it too with a 2.5% cut in pay and benefits. the second option calls for a 1.5% cut in enrollment, that equals about 6,000 students. 750 employees would be let go while pay and benefits for remaining employees would drop by 5%. three campus presidents are set
5:31 am
to receive a 9% to 10% pay increase and ironically the board is scheduled to vote on those salaries at the same meeting they debate raising tuition or cutting enrollment. any salary increases according to the board will come from private fund raising and not your tax dollars. the meeting gets under way at 9:00 this morning. >> it's 5:32. family and friends not giving up hope in finding missing teenager sierra lamar. they will hold another volunteer search at morgan hills burnett elementary schools. it's been four months since the teen disappeared after leaving for school on march 16. a suspect was charged with lamar's kidnapping and murder though her body has not been found. >> one of the suspects in a sunnyvale robbery likely knew the victim. police say one of the suspects was a woman, she met a man
5:32 am
online and convinced him to invite her over to his house. when he gave up his address she went and brought along two men to rob him. police arrested those men after a three-hour manhunt. the woman is still on the loose. >> there is a surge in burglaries in one city, palo alto police say there have been five break-ins in four days. the majority of east of middlefield road during the daylight. dollars tend to slip through unlocked windows or garage doors. police remind residents to lock it or lose it. >> there are people out of school and unfortunately some may attend school, have less supervision now and so they are out and about committing crime. the weather's nice. people are leaving things open and they are targeted for it. >> the good news, police have made several arrests. >> political power couple in the bay area is now splitting up. state treasurer bill lockyer filing for divorce from his wife nadia. court papers filed cite
5:33 am
irreconcilable differences. their troubled 9-year marriage made headlines in february after nadia admitted to having both an affair and a drug addiction. she later resigned from the alameda board of supervisors. >> giants fans will not be happy, more parking meters will pop up around at&t park and they are going to cost more. christie smith with more on the decision that is sure to strike out with fans. >> reporter: good morning. the last time i went to a giants game i paid about $40 to park in a private parking garage so. this already isn't cheap. the rules something to follow. confusing. this explainer here near at&t park. now the sfmt sarks going to add hundreds of new meters near the mission bay development. that according to the chronicle. by next season extend the meter operating hours around the ball
5:34 am
park to 10:00 p.m. every day. the idea behind it, they say, reduce all of the congestion around special events, to get people out of cars thinking about public transportation. along the embarcadero meters run about $5 an hour on game day. that's run by the port. the mta plan could bring other meters to $7 an hour. adjustments can be made during non-event times to the meters. those nearby like the idea of less traffic but would also like a break on those pricey game time meters. live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> looking at the grid you need like a translator or degree to figure that out. >> check it out. take the train, too. >> enjoy your ball game. 5:35. christina is here to talk about the weather. >> not so complicated at all. it's going to make all ever your
5:35 am
outdoor activities much easier because we don't have the oppressive heat. in land highs are around 85, today we're talking the low to mid 70s and temperatures are running mild. you saw that live picture of san francisco, cloudy conditions. the fog right now is still situated above most of your highways. your futurecast tells the story. visibilities looking good, we're dropping off in oakland but looking good so far, 10 miles in san mateo, 10 miles in san jose and 10 miles in gilroy for the time being. stop the clock for you just a half hour, 45 minutes away from pretty thick fog along the peninsula. by 9:00 a.m. we're going to be mostly cloudy from santa rosa through napa, novato and along the peninsula so no flight delays right now. we'll keep checking on that as we had numerous delays yesterday. the highs, 77 degrees at 4:00,
5:36 am
69 bay side 64 at the coast. much warmer weather on the way. tuesday not too early to think about the weekend. here a here's your drive. >> we're looking at other folks working t road crews. top of the screen, still have that crew. but 85 has picked up crews. waiting for word on this, southbound 880 at 87. reports of boxes in your lanes. the southbound side. i haven't seen slowing but watch for that and be careful. we're looking at slow patches through antioch kicking in. we saw the speed in the 30s and 20s. heading all the way to love ridge so that's your tuesday commute. 580 shows slowing out of the altamont pass to greenville.
5:37 am
then through pleasanton and dublin. between alcosta, both directions no major slowing. live look outside shows you what things are like. you can see the lights on the span but also see that backdrop. so that fog is hanging out and waiting to kick in. i guess they start work at 6:00. >> 5:38. coming up, yahoo! nailing down its fifth ceo over the last five years. we have live team coverage on the shake-up just ahead. >> a live look overlooking san jose. >> for the latest, this is what do you, come over to facebook. search nbc bay area. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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>> welcome back everyone. taking a live look outside. look at alcatraz island. got to buy your ticket early if you want to head out to the island. cool to see the rock, though. >> that sounds great. >> interesting out there. 5:41. >> trying to avoid that all my life. sluggish retail sales and a dip in hiring, all bad news in washington. and of course, campaign fodder for at least one candidate. brian mooar joins us live with the nonpartisan take on matters on capitol hill this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hi, jon. ben bernanke, the federal reserve chairman is the man in the middle. he will give his unvarnished, nonpartisan view of what the economy is, where it's headed, the economic bottom line. let me assure you everyone in washington from pennsylvania avenue to main street to wall
5:41 am
street will be listening to what he has to say. meanwhile, here on capitol hill, this will all take place against the backdrop of that so called fiscal cliff, december 31 deadline that congress, if they don't do anything taxes go up on everyone. spending cuts kick in across the board, both military and on the domestic side. right now the partisan battle lines have been drawn. >> going off the fiscal cliff if they don't get their way. >> i will absolutely continue this debate into 2013 rather than lock in a long term deal this year that throws middle class families under the bus. >> each side locking into their positions not just here but on the campaign trail. president obama blaming congress, and saying that mitt romney would take the country in the wrong direction, romney at a million dollar fundraiser told his supporters that president obama is standing behind his own
5:42 am
millionaire supporters and forsaking the middle class. now back to you. >> thank you, brian. it's 5:42. one of yahoo!'s former foes taking over the company. today is marissa mayer's first day on the job as yahoo! ceo. we have team coverage on google's loss and yahoo!'s gain. bob has a look at mayer and her impact on the google product we use. we begin with scott mcgrew live at yahoo! headquarters. this is hardly the first time you have covered a new ceo at that company. >> reporter: actually, i had to write them down. yang, david yang, he started the company, cougle, semle, yank, barts, scott thompson, ross levinson up to what, yesterday, and this morning of course marissa mayer.
5:43 am
kind of foolish to assume based on that long history that she's going to stick around long. but i think that's exactly what people hope will happen. mayer comes to yahoo! from google where she was employee number 20, the first woman engineer hired at google and has been the most public face as well. mayer of course more than a face, she's a very incredibly talented engineer, very smart, talented leader who it's hoped will re-energize yahoo!. mayer come you wills after the dismissal of scott thompson who said he had a computer science degree, he did not. and he left the company. mayer very much has a computer science degree from stanford. as you well know she is not the first woman ceo of yahoo! not even the first woman ceo of yahoo! with a computer science degree. here is a picture of her meeting with president obama. also in that picture is carol bartz, who was the ceo of yahoo! and had her degree from
5:44 am
university of wisconsin. when mayer arrived at work this morning there will be loose ends to tie up. there are layoffs that have not been finished and yahoo! reports its quarterly profits today, this afternoon. mayer has indicated she will not be on the conference call with reporters which is very reasonable. today is her first day. she'll get some sense of what's going on here, jon and laura, then i'm sure we'll hear from her shortly thereafter. >> scott mcgrew, thank you for all of the insight. and mayer will become the second woman to take charge at yahoo! as scott mentioned. the first was carol bartz who ran the company from 2009-2011. mayer the newest addition to a growing list of female power players. other women include meg whitman, cheryl sandberg of facebook who took a seat on the board and
5:45 am
virginia romany, the leader of ibm. mayer has often downplayed the gender debate. telling what's really important is if you're a geek. people ask me a lot what it's like to abwoman at google. i don't think of my experience that way. i'm a geek at google. a geek doing very well. female power players appear supportive of mayer in public. meg whitman saying she is a talented and creative executive. yahoo! is one of silicon valley's great brands and i'm sure marisa's leadership, intelligence and passion will guide them to a bright future. >> at google the company searching to replace one of its most experienced leaders. bob redell is live in mountain view with an update including how much of a surprise this departure of mayer was to google. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. certainly it's a surprise to go to yahoo!. she resigned at google yesterday
5:46 am
by phone. of course starts today as the new ceo of yahoo!. many at least on the inside probably saw this coming in the sense she would eventually be leaving because last year google reorganized her unit with larry page leaving her out of his senior leadership team. the new york times suggests that that might have been enough for her to start considering a move. page's reaction to yesterday's announcement she is headed to yahoo!. e-mail to bloomberg he wrote marisa has been a tireless champion of our users, we will miss her talents at google. unquote. her talents left a mark, log on to, that white clean simple search page, that's a design she oversaw. so is the gmail in box and google images. as google's first female engineer t very charismatic mayer was also one of the few public faces of this tech giant
5:47 am
often speaking and giving be interviews to the press. yesterday mayer surprised people with a second announcement. she tweeted in the afternoon that she and her husband are expecting a baby boy this october. reporting live in mountain view, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> that's a beautiful thing. big news all around for miss mayer. to learn more about marissa mayer and what her departure from google means check out our website. search marissa mayer. >> you don't have to search far for a look at the forecast. >> good morning to you. a good looking day shaping up if you liked yesterday. more of the same today. jon kelley gives it the satisfactory grade. good morning to you. temperatures are comfortable. i like when he sticks his thumb in my shot. temperatures are looking good for outdoor activities. activities you want to get done before it gets too hot. we have a heat wave, temperature in the 90s starting friday,
5:48 am
lasting well into next week. we're going to get spoiled for a couple of days. the clouds are now thickening up. what time is it, 5:48. we should get socked in over the golden gate bridge. we'll see winds pick up like yesterday, not as strong as they do so it will help clear out a lot of the cloud cover especially at the coast. west south wind at 20 miles per hour in fairfield. you have no wind in san francisco. and enabling the fog to settle. it works out like this. temperatures climbing from the 50s and 60s where they are now, into the 70s yet again. but places at the coast, santa cruz, 58 degrees right now. that was your high yesterday, 58 degrees. so not all that warm at the coast. the thick low clouds. low pressure is the reason, it's sitting to the north, going to sag to the south. we'll see this come through today. by tomorrow starting to get a little warmer, gradually warmer. we'll feel the impact as we head
5:49 am
through probably thursday into the remainder of the work week. tomorrow, i'm forecasting 70s. 77 today in livermore, tomorrow, 78 degrees. then the 80s return on thursday. we're going to jump from 83 degrees inland to 92 by friday so heating up quickly. then hot all weekend long. let's check that drive. how are we looking? >> like it's a typical pattern. the freeway, no lanes are blocked. we have construction here. closing the off ramp from 880 and 85, the southbound side has the off ramp closed. the debris we saw, 880 at 87, the boxes are removed. also typical about this time t the volume starts to build now out of the altamont pass. we had early slowing, starting to kick in. we're at the speed limit through san ramon both directions of 680
5:50 am
have crews there but no slowing and should be on the move over the next few minutes. i'll let you know if they have to do traffic breaks. we're looking at slowing highway 4 westbound, holding up at about 30, 25 at the worst. no drama through concord t walnut creek interchange. easy drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. a live shot a smooth driv the volume starting to pick up. not affecting visibility yet. in the north bay, a smooth drive southbound 101, north of here 116, a car went off into a ditch but not affecting onto or off of 101. back to you. >> 5:51. coming up, panic at a picnic. >> a live look outside. a beautiful shot of san
5:51 am
francisco as the day starts to break. another lovely one out there, comfortable, cool temperatures.
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> welcome back. hoping you are feeling great. over san francisco, the sun slowly starting to peek up on a beautiful day. it's 5:54. >> a party in toronto started with a barbecue, ended with gun fire. two are dead and at least 19 injured after gun shots sprayed into a crowd of more than 200 people. an infant was among those hurt but is expected to recover. police say there was more than
5:54 am
one person responsible for the shootings. they have one person in custody who was among the injured, describing him as a person of interest. >> california getting a $50,000 to help clean up debris left by the japanese tsunami. the federal government will give grants to five states. in addition to california, alaska, washington, oregon and hawaii all will get up to $50,000 for that debris removal. the japanese government estimate there is is 1.5 million tons of debris still floating in the ocean after that tsunami. >> got to love a cool bay area morning. want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> you've got to love how the natural ac is going to keep your bill down. probably for the whole month as we've had a much cooler than average july so far. that maintains as we head throughout the afternoon. 70 degrees at noon inland only
5:55 am
making our way to the upper 70s. 77 degrees is perfection. no need for the ac later on. bay side and the coast, you'll have gray skies probably until noon. you break for lunch 60 at the coast. rounding out close to 70 in oakland. let's check your drive. >> we'll take you to the slowing which kicks in for livermore now. we see yellow chiclets showing up. the volume is starting to shift west. 16 minutes there. antioch, the yellow -- the red means below 20 as you approach g street. around a through l, looking at 20. and then a live shot as well where we'll see the golden gate bridge, the low clouds hovering and no slowing through marin county yet. the volume picks up through san rafael. >> up on kiss cam a moment ago. a presidential smooch. >> that's right. we have proof there's nobody, i mean nobody is safe from that
5:56 am
kiss cam. this was last night an exhibition game between team usa and brazil. the president sharing the love, feeling the magic, giving a little shug tear his first lady. that was the second time the kiss cam got on him. the first time the president gave a smile. then his daughter like pop, that's your wife, my mom, you got to go give some love. finally had a chance to do it the right way. one more time. >> look at the guy behind him. >> he likes -- i don't have anybody to kiss. >> 5:57. still ahead, silicon valley shuffle. will marissa mayer be able to turn around the company. >> now the hard work is ahead. some nice clouds over san jose right now. the day starts to break. christina loren will tell you cooler temperatures, some
5:57 am
natural mother nature ac ahead.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> a major silicon valley runner-up. what is ahead for yahoo! and new ceo marissa mayer coming up in live team coverage. >> layoffs, enrollment cuts and a tuition increase, all on the table for csu trustees at a meeting today. a preview coming up. >> and game day parking around at&t park is getting a little more expensive. at least if you want to park on the street. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you what's behind this coming up in a live report. >> and we're dealing with low clouds and a steady drizzle out there this morning. you might need your windshield wipers, limited sunshine, 70s inland. 60s bay side and 50s at the coast. warm-up on the way. i'll describe that coming up. >> the volume picking up. i'm watching an accident highway